The reviews are in: Atlanta (and the world) loves Joy Cafe!

Joy Cafe is one of our favorite brunch spots in all of Atlanta. It has a small-town, family owned vibe with the speedy and efficiency of a city hotspot. This is one of the BEST places to take your out-of-town guests if you want to introduce them to authentic Southern cuisine outside of chain restaurants at a reasonable price.


What yummy, creamy shrimp and grits! Eggs Benedict and delicious fruit cup for my husband were the best as well. Service was excellent and we didn't have to wait too long. I saw eye catching delieveries at nearby tables of abundant French Toast poundcake, a breakfast burrito and a large bowl of granola with fresh fruit . I savored a slice root beer float pie to finish up.


The biscuits and gravy plate was DIVINE. Some of the best I've ever had--- no hyperbole. Fluffy biscuits, luscious gravy, chorizo and cheddar eggs. Almost two weeks later and I'm still thinking about this breakfast... I hope to get back have breakfast/brunch here again soon. Simply amazing!


Joy Cafe is one of my favorite spots in Atlanta, and my go-to brunch spots on the weekend. The food is simply phenomenal. If you're going in for brunch... you can't go wrong with the Shrimp & Grits, the breakfast burrito, or the pancakes. They also have a great lunch, and they are known for their delicious grilled cheeses. Lastly, if you have any room after your meal, make sure to try the cookie milk pie, its AMAZING!


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I work near by so I head there for lunch on occasion, and the sandwiches are great especially the chicken burger. The chicken burger is a healthy option with ground chicken, spinach, feta and a jalapeño chipotle aioli. If you are looking to go a little heavier their grilled cheeses are fantastic especially the croque monsieur!



Joy was joined by the one-and-only Guy Fieri in the DDD episode "Homeland Favorites" (season 23).
"Chef-Owner Joy Beber’s passion shines through in dishes like the flavorful shrimp and grits laced with a housemade hot sauce and the gravy-smothered biscuits topped with tequila-spiked chorizo."

Steak & Egg Tacos are my favorite but it's so hard to order when everything in menu is so good. If your with a group I recommend ordering several dishes to share.  Joy and her husband are delightful and the staff are warm and friendly.  Music is a nice touch as well.


Other Accolades

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Perhaps the best grilled cheese in America"

Cheap Eats, The Cooking Channel