When it's time to eat, do it with Joy.


When it's time to eat, do it with Joy.

Great Food Should Not Be Limited By Style

At Joy Cafe, we are here to make you happy through food.

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about the chef

Welcome to Joy's Kitchen

Born and raised in south Georgia, Joy was heavily influenced by the traditional southern cooking of her great-grandmother.

Later, Joy took her passion for time-honored hand-made meals with her to rural Italy.In the kitchens of small family owned shops and restaurants Joy came to understand that cultures half a world away were similar in many ways.

The care and attention in making hand-rolled pasta and Sunday’s Ragu were nearly identical to the way her grandmother made fresh southern biscuits and sawmill gravy from scratch. Later travels to Spain introduced Joy to the most innovated of modern culinary techniques.



Our husband and wife executive chef team of Joy and Jon pull inspiration from around the world, combining traditional southern and rural European recipes with the latest in avant-garde techniques. Our goal is to create a truly unique cafe experience.

Made with careful attention to ensuring quality while keeping our foods preservative free, Joy Cafe's recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. Now, we bring them to you!

Always Made From Scratch

Great food should be uncompromising in the freshest ingredients, prepared with the finest technique and hand made with care.